This is a small Web application to compare different Lenovo Yoga computers, both from the consumer and the ThinkPad line.

From the toolbar you can read the companion article in my blog.


The table with the different Yogas allows you to compare the specs of selected systems. You can use the buttons at the top to select which computers you wish to view. You can customize the computers to show as you wish or select a preselected group. The URL of the app is updated as you change selections, so you can just grab the address of the page and pass it along to show a group of computers that interest you.

You can click on the different aspects of the systems (width, height, max memory) to sort the columns in that order.


If you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, questions, good or bad, you can leave your comment on the article of my blog that talks about this web app.

Yoga Comparison web app article


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  • Added YOGA 910


  • Added YOGA 510
  • Added new fields and reviews
  • Added links to spec pdfs (psref)
  • Fixed specs


  • Added new graphics option to YOGA 900


  • Added ability to directly link to page with given comparisons


  • Added new models (YOGA 710 series)